Micquel Wright

During my early teens, I had a lot of surplus energy, I participated in a wide range of sporting activities for fun and to tire me out.

I started lifting weights when I was 15, almost 15 years ago today. I found the Gym when a Unit near my house had been converted into a Heaven for Bodybuilders. As soon as I stepped foot in the Gym I instantly felt a burning desire inside me to lift as much as I possibly could. I felt myself getting bigger and stronger faster than all of my friends and most of the members of a similar age. Shortly after my first visit to the Gym I became a member and I vowed to bench press 100kg by or on my 17th Birthday. This was my first goal in weightlifting which I reached with ease.

Training is my therapy. It has helped me in many other areas in my life. For some people training becomes a hobby or even an addiction but to me it means so much more it’s a way of life. I see my life as a business and as businesses aim to improve year on year, I aim to get bigger and stronger as time goes by.

They Say I’ve Changed

As If I’ve Worked So Hard To Stay The Same

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